Fr. AUGUSTINE JOHN UKKEN was a Syrian Catholic priest from the Indian state of Kerala in Thrissur and the founder of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity (CSC).

AUGUSTINE JOHN UKKEN was born in Parappur in Thrissur district on 19 December 1880 as the second son of Punnaparambil Ukken Anthappan and Chalakal Annamma. He was ordained Priest on 21 December 1907 by Dr. Clements Pagany, the Canty Bishop.

He worked as the Assistant Manager of the St. Thomas College, Thrissur from 1908-1909 and later became the Manager of the St. Thomas College, Thrissur from 19211925. He was the rector of Minor Seminary, Thrissur from 1910-1917 and the secretary to Mar John Menachery, Archbishop of Thrissur from 1913-1917. He also worked as Parish Priest in various parishes.

On 21 November 1944, he founder Congregation of the Sisters of Charity (CSC) with the approval of Mar. George Alapatt, Metropolitan Archbishop of Thrissur. This Congregation is having near about 1000 Religious Sisters who extend their service full of compassionate love in Indian and abroad. From childhood itself Fr. John had an extraordinary vitality and mentality to help and uplift and an unquenched thirst to serve the poorly stricken people. He advised, "There should not be anyone around us whom are unknown to us". He inspired the sisters to indulge in their service even in the bitter cold and blistering heat around the globe.

His canonization process was started on 30 November 2007 and was declared as Servant of God by Metropolitan Archbishop of Thrissur Mar Andrews Thazhath at the Our Lady of Lourdes Metropolitan Cathedral on 24 August 2008. On 31 August 2008 the archdiocese erected the Archdiocesan Tribunal. .

  • Your task is to love. Let nobody surpass you in love.
  • My duty after my death is to pray for you
  • Prayer has great force. God is the fountain of science, from him flows every knowledge
  • Never utter harsh and ironical words that would wound anybody.
  • Love brings happiness and prosperity so let us love each other.
  • Never wish evil to anyone.
  • Make good use of every minute.
  • The sole purpose of my existence is to love and serve God.
  • Study is work, seriously and constantly apply to it.
  • You should make all the studies you have to do, cheerfully and conscientiously.
  • Treat everyone with love and respect.
  • We should obey without interval of time.
  • Obedience is the connecting link between the members.
  • As breathing and atmosphere are necessary for the body, so is Prayer For the soul.
  • God alone can satisfy the human heart.
  • Mortification and Penance should be undertaken to avoid sin.
  • If you trustfully in God and Work, you will not be troubled.
  • My zeal for God's glory should consist in my sanctification and in my Studies.
  • . Preach the Word of God clearly, sweetly, touching the hearts of the Listeners and according to the need of the time.
  • There should not be anyone around us whom are unknown to us.
  • Holy indifference saves us from lot of troubles.
  • . Not to grieve the Sacred Heart of Jesus.
  • Do not load yourself with unnecessary things.
  • Selfishness is the center around which revolves every evil.